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Congratulations! You’ve got yourself a stall at SecondHand Sunday. With your help, this is going to be a spectacular day. You will be notified of your Stall location prior to Sunday, 19 March. 
Some things to please keep in mind: 
  • SecondHand Sunday (SHS) is a community-driven event that highlights the value of secondhand goods, promotes sustainable living and raises awareness about what we can do to significantly reduce the amount of waste we create that ends up in landfill. 
      •  No single use plastic bottles 
      •  No single use plastic bags, plastic utensils. 

  • Information about SHS can be found on the website at
  • All items you bring to SHS to sell, swap or repurpose must be secondhand. Please be aware that anyone not observing this rule will be asked to leave the event and any fees will not be refunded. 
  •  To sell food, you must have a temporary food permit from the City of Sydney. 
  •  What you bring to SHS and is leftover at the end, is your responsibility to take away. We will share with you a list of places that you can contact. 
  •  You can begin to set up your allotted space at 8:30 am, to be completed by 10:45.
  •  We will begin with a Welcome to Country, a Smoking Ceremony and dancers. The market and workshops will begin around 11:30. · 
  • Parking around Wentworth Park is free on Sundays. But check the street signs carefully as not all spaces are free. 
    •  o Paid Street parking is available on Bulwara Road or Jones Street from William Henry Street to Fig Street 
    •  o Alternatively, the nearest carpark is located at 320 Harris Street, Pyrmont. 
  •  For more parking information please go to:
 Basic Stall information 
  •  Volunteers, wearing bright green T-shirts, are available throughout the day for assistance. 
  •  The Information Booth can be found close to Bulwara Road. · 
  • Bumping in and out will take place on either Jones Street or Bulwara Road. Volunteers will direct you to where you can stop briefly to unload/load, assist you with unloading/loading and to direct you to your stall.
  •  If you signed up for a table and chair, you will find them at your stall. Extra tables will not available on the day. 
  •  You will need to bring your own clothes racks, ground cover or whatever else you might need for the day. 
  • Booking fees will not be refunded due to cancellation by the stallholder or bad weather. 
  • Quarry Green is a much beloved park. Please treat it kindly as you set up your stall in the morning and take it down in the afternoon. 
  • A Stallholder will be liable for any damage they cause to the Quarry Green, Uniting Harris Community Centre and/or Mustard Seed Church properties. 
  •  More Stallholder Basics and Some Advice on Handling Cash 
    •  Bring cash to the event. You will want to have enough change in different coins and notes. 
    • Consider how you are pricing your items. People are always looking for a bargain and be prepared for people bargaining with you. And remember to label your items. 
    • Remember it is your responsibility to supervise your property at all times. 
    • Never leave cash unattended or store cash in an unsecured area. 
    • Keep your largest notes away from where customers stand to minimise the risk of a snatch and grab robbery. 
    •  Regularly clear the excess cash from the collection point and lock it away. 
    • If you have any concerns, talk with a Volunteer or contact the Information Stall. 
  • African Food Feast, Bayon Jams and Spreads (also offering sweets), the Ultimo Primary School P&C Sausage Sizzle and Sno Cones will be offering food and drinks throughout the day. There are also local cafés close by ( B&G on Quarry Street, Queenz on Harris) where you can purchase food and drinks. Please dispose of your rubbish responsibly in the bins provided. 
  • Packing up is only possible from 3:00pm. It is your responsibility as Stallholder to remove all materials/rubbish and to leave the site in a clean and tidy condition.
Some basic safety information: 
First aid responder is Katherine
  •  First Aid is situated at the information stall. Emergency numbers will be provided. 
  • Fire extinguishers and fire blankets are available at the first aid/information stall. 
  • Ring 000 or local fire brigade if a fire looks to be out of control and inform Katherine in the Information Stall 
  • The weather forecast so far for the 19th, is for a hot, sunny day. Hydration is very important, especially on a hot day. Metal water bottles can be purchased at the Information Stall. Bubblers are located near Jones St and the Harris Centre side of Bulwara Rd. Sunscreen is also available at the Information stall.
  • Toilets (including accessible toilets) are located at the Lord Wolseley Hotel, The Uniting Harris Community Centre, and Ultimo Community Centre (within minutes of the event site) 
 FYI: Workshop Schedule and Information Stalls Workshop
Go to the SHS website at and go to More to Know to sign up or drop by. 
  • Bush to Bowl: (near Jones Street) 
    • Children’s Workshop 11:30-12:10 
    • Adult Workshop 1:30-2:30 

  • Electrical Repair Café (Mustard Seed Uniting Church – church hall entrance on Bulwara) 
    • Repair slots run every 30 minutes from 12:30-2:30 

  • Revolve ReCYCLING (near Jones Street) 
    • Assessment and Tune-up slots run every 15 minutes (except for the first one) · You do NOT need to sign up to recycle a bike(s) 
  • Mending Shop 
    • The Mending Shop is open from 11:00-2:30. Drop in or sign up Workshop slots are still available. Go to the SHS website at 
  • Information Stalls 
    •  Inner West Community Energy 
    •  Friends of Ultimo/Save the Powerhouse 
    •  Ultimo Village Voice/Pyrmont Action 
    •  Mustard Seed Uniting Church o City of Sydney Waste Management Education 
    •  Ian Thorpe Athletic Centre 
    •  Uniting Harris Community Centre Please contact us at 9552 1140 or for more information. 
Thank you for participating. We hope you enjoy the day!
Stall allocations are at long last finalised. 
 Please see the attached map and the stallholders list in your emails. 

With respect to your arrival: 
  • Stalls 01 to 22, please use Jones Street to unload/load 
  • Stalls 23 to 43, please use Bulwara Road to unload/load

When you arrive tomorrow, please give the volunteer your name and stall number and they can assist you in unloading/. 

A couple of things to remember (the information sheet is also attached just for reference) 
Remember to bring plenty of cash — bills and coins If you asked for table(s) and chairs they will be found at your stall Please be careful when moving tables, chairs and marquees to minimise damage to the grass. 
Unloading (bumping in) begins at 8:30 (no earlier please) and loading-up (bumping out) at 3:00 (not before) please. 

Free parking can be found on Wattle St and around Wentworth Park, but please pay attention to street signs. 
There is paid parking on Bulwara, Jones etc. As it’s going to be a hot/sunny day, sunscreen will be available at the Information stall (#31), stay hydrated and if you need support in any way, contact a volunteer or come to the information stall. 

Let’s make today a spectacular day!